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Pool Party Beverage Boat

Pool Party Beverage Boat


While it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, that didn’t stop Australian YouTuber Alister/electrosync from creating a nicely 3D-printed drink boat gizmo. His journey started out when he was on the prowl for a cool RC toy for the pool.

He found the Excalibur snack float, which travels across small bodies of water bearing drinks and snacks, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for him) the company that made the Excalibur is out of business. So he instead constructed his own version!

The new boat is 3D-printed in four main sections. It’s covered with a coat of polyester resin, then sealed with caulk to keep water from seeping in.

The boat is pushed along by a pair of thrusters, and after experimenting with cheap ESCs to power them – that ended up producing smoke, possibly due to a faulty motor – Alister eventually settles on a pair of rather impressive water cooled 30A ESCs. An RC receiver controls the device, and the boat even mounts a camera and transmitter for FPV feedback.

Besides bringing drinks and snacks, the boat packs a few additional tricks. A water cannon is included to attack swimmers via an internal pump, while a tiny flagpole switches between a piratical electrosync emblem and an Australian flag as needed.

There’s also a speaker for an internal MP3 player, providing tunes to complete your relaxing pool experience. It looks like a lot of fun, as seen in the video below.

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