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Surfing the Internet with a Tandy Model 100

Surfing the Internet with a Tandy Model 100

When presented with various computers from the late twentieth century, Sean Gallagher has enjoyed the process of bringing them into the current "connected" era by having them access the Internet in one form or another. 

His latest example of this is using a Tandy/Radio Shack model 100 as a text-based terminal to the 'net. 

The Model 100 was an extraordinary portable computer in its day, finding many uses for those who needed a device that could be packed in a briefcase which ran the usual office and BASIC programs of the time. 

Thanks to the ease of using an acoustic coupler the Model 100s - and being powered by AA cells - the laptops were also incredibly popular with journalists in the field, keeping the machines alive far past their typical use by date.  

Tandy Model 100

And Sean's efforts have extended their life into the "use as a curiosity stage" - by connecting a USB-serial converted between a Raspberry Pi and the Model 100, a serial text connection was created. 

Followed by some settings on the Raspberry Pi side, the Model 100 can act as a text-only terminal for the Pi - and thus be used for general command-line use and also text-based Internet access. 

Tandy Model 100 browsing internet

This project provides an interesting framework to use almost any older computer with a terminal function to communicate with a Raspberry Pi and reach the outside world.  

To do this yourself, review Sean's project page - and if you're interested in making your own version, PMD Way can help you with the parts, such as Raspberry Pi gear and USB to serial cables

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