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Power over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi

SKU 91046441

This Power over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi from PMD Way is a small accessory for the Raspberry Pi computer. It can only be used with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or 4B or newer.


This Power over Ethernet (PoE) expansion board can make your project wiring a breeze - and best of all they work to connect any 802.3at/802.3af-capable router to your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and 4 Model B. You can now power your Raspberry Pi and other devices in any location with just a single cable. Perfect for removing the clutter of wires and for reliable use in remote locations.

This is an economical, practical, high-performance, and reliable Isolated 5V 5000mA PoE+ expansion board with a variety of power output connectors based on IEEE 802.3at standard. It can divide power from a network cable, and can be used with any PoE/POE+ injector that is compatible with IEEE 802.3at /802.3af, and supply power for Raspberry Pi and other non-PoE network equipment.

Simply attach the standoffs in the four fixed holes of the expansion board, then connect to the Raspberry Pi's pin header using the specially-made daughter board. Once the board is connected, you can power your Pi through the RJ-45 network connector.

The HAT is directly connected on top of the Raspberry Pi using the board GPIO header pins, and no wiring nor soldering is required, and duplicated the 40-pin header of the R-Pi in order to support existing expansion boards. HAT is fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Pi 4 B.

Mounting hardware included:

Power over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide
  • IEEE802.3 AT Standard (backward compliant with 802.3af)
  • Power Output: 5V DC, max 5A
  • Fully isolated switched-mode power supply
  • Uses Texas Instruments' high-power, high-efficiency PoE interface PD and PWM controller
  • Integrated Short Circuit Protection and Output Over Voltage Protection
  • Supplies total 5 Amps regulated DC power and output via 3 XH2.54 connectors and 40-pin header
  • Powers the Raspberry Pi via the 40-pin header - no additional cabling required
  • Reserved 40-pin stackable Header for add-on HATs/pHATs
  • Power input: 38~57V DC
  • Output voltage: 5V DC +/-5%
  • Output current: 4.8~5.5A (IEEE 802.3at), 2.5A (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Efficiency: ≥ 80%
  • Isolation: 1500V

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Power over Ethernet HAT for Raspberry Pi from PMD Way with free delivery worldwide