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DC DC Automatic Buck Boost Solar Inverter 5A 40W

SKU 45102021

Easily harness solar energy and convert it into useful output with this 5A 40W Solar Charge Controller from PMD Way.

Unlike other units, this converter allows you to set output voltage and constant current using internal potentiometers.

You can also use this controller as a DC buck-boost converter for non-solar power requirements. The plastic enclosure shown in the images is also included. 


  • Input voltage: 5~32V DC
  • Input current: rated 6A (10A peak)
  • Output voltage: 0.5~32V DC
  • Output current: rated 3A (5A peak)
  • Output power: rated 40W (60W peak)
  • The output power is related to the input voltage value. The lower the input voltage is, the smaller the output power is
  • Conversion efficiency: 88%~94% - related to input and output voltage and current
  • Overcurrent protection: Yes
  • Short circuit protection:Yes
  • Input undervoltage protection: 4.5V DC
  • Working frequency: 180KHz
  • Size: 72 x 30 x 15mm