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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

4N28 Optocoupler - 10 Pack


Now available from PMD Way are 4N28 optocouplers in packs of ten. 


  • Interfaces with common logic families
  • Isolation test voltage 5000VRMS
  • Input-Output coupling capacitance < 0.5pF
  • Input-Output isolation voltage: 500VRMS
  • IR LED Forward Voltage for turning ON: 1.2V-1.5V (Typically 1.3V, 1.5V being absolute  maximum forward voltage)
  • IR LED Forward Current during ON (IF): 10mA - 80mA (Typically 10mA, 80mA being absolute maximum forward current)
  • IR LED MaximumReverse Voltage: 6V
  • IR LED Maximum Reverse Current: 10uA
  • Maximum voltage across COLLECTOR and EMITTER of  PHOTO TRANSISTOR: 70V
  • Maximum current allowed trough TRANSISTOR COLLECTOR(IC): 100mA
  • Current Transfer Ration (CTR): 10%
  • Typical Rise Time: 3us
  • Typical Fall Time: 3us

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