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All prices in US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Arduino Esplora Compatible Handheld Game Development Board

SKU 328397

Want to have fun and make your own 8-bit computer games? Then order an Arduino Esplora Compatible Handheld Game Development Board from PMD Way. 

The Esplora is an Arduino Leonardo board in a format that's ideal for gaming - as you can see from the images there's a joystick, plenty of buttons, a slider, buzzer, extra I/O and more. 

Furthermore you can drop an optional color LCD for a more portale situation as well. However the Esplora is not limited to gaming, the format lends itself to remote-controls for robotics, imaginative user-inputs and anything you can think up. 

The Esplora has the following on-board inputs and outputs:

  • Analog joystick with central push-button two axis (X and Y) and a center pushbutton.
  • 4 push-buttons laid out in a diamond pattern.
  • Linear potentiometer slider near the bottom of the board.
  • Microphone for getting the loudness (amplitude) of the surrounding environment.
  • Light sensor for getting the brightness.
  • Temperature sensor reads the ambient temperature
  • Three-axis accelerometer measures the board's relation to gravity on three axes (X, Y, and Z)
  • Buzzer can produce square-waves.
  • RGB led bright LED with Red Green and Blue elements for color mixing.
  • 2 Arduino TinkerKit Inputs to connect the TinkerKit sensor modules with the 3-pin connectors.
  • 2 Arduino TinkerKit Outputs to connect the TinkerKit actuator modules with the 3-pin connectors.
  • TFT display connector connector for an optional color LCD screen, SD card, or other devices that use the SPI protocol.

In order to utilize the total number of available sensors, the board uses an analog multiplexer. This means a single analog input of the microcontroller is shared among all the input channels (except the 3-axis accelerometer). Four additional microcontroller pins choose which channel to read.

Getting Started:

Once you have downloaded and installed the Arduino IDE, select the board type in the tools menu to "Arduino Esplora" (!) then check out the library examples.


  • Microcontroller - ATmega32u4
  • Operating Voltage - 5V
  • Flash Memory - 32 KB of which 4 KB used by bootloader
  • SRAM - 2.5 KB
  • EEPROM - 1 KB
  • Clock Speed - 16 MHz
  • Lenght - 164.04 mm
  • Width - 60 mm
  • Weight - 53 grams


Arduino Esplora compatible from PMD Way with free delivery, worldwide