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Arduino Shield Interface Cape for BeagleBone Black

SKU 495478

Would you like to connect an Arduino shield to your BeagleBone Black? Well now you can with the Arduino Shield Interface Cape for BeagleBone Black from PMD Way.

The cape arrives fully-assembled and physically accepts any shield up to the R3 standard. 

Features of the cape are listed and shown below:

  1. Arduino Uno R3-compatible stacking headers
  2. ICSP interface for upload Arduino sketches
  3. debugging interface for BeagleBone Black or connected Arduino shields
  4. power indicator
  5. BeagleBone boot selection button
  6. Vin voltage selection jumper - connects to Vdd 5V or custom power supply
  7. IOREF votlage selection jumper - connects to either system 5V or 3.3V

Visit the cape Wiki page for tutorials.