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All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Electronic Scales Starter Kit for Arduino

SKU 802446

If you're interested in learning about electronic measurement using the Arduino platform, then order this Electronic Scales Starter Kit for Arduino from PMD Way. 

Not only will you get started in the world of Arduino-based projects - which can lead you almost anywhere, this focus of this kit is to build a set of highly-accurate digital scales with a range of up to 5kg.

You can then use your new-found knowledge to work with other sensors from our wide range that can interface with your Arduino to measure all sorts of data. And you are not alone, we're here to offer technical support with your kit and other parts from PMD Way.

Everything you need is included with the kit, and the parts are reusable so you can share the kit with others, or use the parts as a base to your own project. And this kit doesn't require any soldering, so can be used by any age or skill level.

Learn about Arduino and electronic measurement with the Electronic Scales Starter Kit for Arduino from PMD Way with free delivery, worldwide

Kit includes:

  • Printed (and electronic) instruction guide for beginners
  • Arduino Uno R3-compatible host board
  • 16x2 character LCD for display purposes
  • Digital button
  • HX711 weight sensor module
  • 5kg straight bar load cell
  • 50g and 100g calibration weights to ensure total accuracy
  • Hardware and laser-cut boards for a complete scale assembly
  • 20 x female to female jumper wires
  • USB cable for power and uploading Ardino sketches (code)
  • 18650 battery case
  • Technical support from PMD Way staff