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All prices US$ - All orders receive free delivery, worldwide - Touch here to learn more

Piano board for micro:bit

SKU 69142844

Have fun and explore music with the Piano board module for BBC micro:bit from PMD Way. The micro:bit piano music sound expansion board is modeled after the real piano. It is a reduced version of the electronic piano expansion board, which can complete the piano key playing and RGB light switching function.

The piano version has 12 note buttons, three high and medium bass switch buttons, and you can switch to each other to play beautiful music.It possess 7 white note buttons, 5 black note buttons, 3 round buttons.

The RGB LEDs have multiple modes, which can be programmed to be used as music indicator, music stream light, music indicator and so on. Let the music and lighting work together perfectly. With integrated passive buzzer, if you want a louder sound.
Integrated passive buzzer can send out sound effects such as “” to provide audio output.

The board is fully-assembled and ready to use, and you get free delivery worldwide.